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By now I usually have tomatoes, peppers, herbs like basil, dill and chamomile, and all my summer flowers like zinnia, marigold, cosmos and blanket flower spouted and reaching towards the sun.

This year, however, I'm several weeks behind schedule. Life is busy. The weather is nuts. And I haven't even driven to the local feed store to buy my potting soil. But! It's on my list of things to do this week! And the fact of the matter is that I'll still be pulling vine ripe tomatoes out of my garden in July whether my seeds were started in February or late March. I was going to do a soap post today to show you my latest experiment which actually turned out to be a bit underwhelming but I will amuse you with that next week as I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to those in the path of the approaching Cyclone Debbie. People in the 'red and orange zones' have been told to evacuate their homes as they will be in danger and evacuation centres have been set up. I am not sure if I have any readers from that area but I know that Jenny of Elefantz Designs in Townsville is prepared in more ways than one. It is a good reminder to everyone to always be prepared for emergencies and I read today that Patsy from A Working Pantry is holding another free Disaster Preparedness Class soon which you might like to sign up for. Numbers are limited so don't delay if you are interested. Also if anyone tried to register on The Homemaker's Forum and had any trouble can you get in touch and I will let them know. Novacivil. scamwebsites. to point out a few things that did not dawn on me when I read it last month. B. A Light packet Matrix of Golden Ray ONENESS Spirit Conscience bathes each Light Packet interconnecting all inclusive Center Source with a Golden Hue creative intelligence Love-energy floating in a mosaic in-between all cooperating Joyous Harmony. After writing Personal and Collective Karma in the middle of the night, I dreamed of many ways to express how visceral Creating Light feels deep inside, and later when I went through today, this Golden Musical Corpuscle seemed even, more real, as if I were experiencing that, very Spark of Delight as a Sweet Beloved nectar in a Love Blessing Celebration. What I had written, is what I later was experiencing deeper inside, yet that illusive Spark of Delight a day ago was haunting my Heart-felt desire, as if 'linear time' went on recess. A sweet ripe grape bursting in my heart, robs any meaning of this wordless experience of "Creating Light" metaphor, and maybe this sweet beloved corpuscle is better off without any human effort to define, because as noun-less as we can imagine, Love is as timeless as it takes to smell it's goodness waffling around in our mindless new Kitchen-slaves to our enlightening ONENESS Heart. Other fans who attended retorted the accounts by posting pictures of their luxury suites and other amenities that came with the package. that's a fan meet only for golden spoons. Take a stepwise approach, and walk through "observe, listen, question, understand, plan, test, measure, and collaboration," phases for managing digital transformation in a structural way. Digital Paradigm means hyper-connectivity, interdependence, and integration. Here are the observations, objective, and obstacles about taking the journey of the digital transformation. Take a stepwise approach, and walk through "look, listen, question, understand, plan, test and collaboration," phases for managing change effort in a structural way. Augusta, Maine - The Maine State Archives and Maine State Library are launching the Digital Maine Transcription Project today, inviting the public to lend a hand in making Maine's historical documents more accessible. The transcription project works in conjunction with DigitalMaine at which hosts digitized items from all over the state. The website now gives users the option to type the contents of these historic documents, which will make them text-searchable, allowing researchers to easily find documents that reference a particular subject of interest. .