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Luz and Bethel are the same place. The year of the Squatch continues. Robert Dodson reviews some of the audio he has collected from his research area. Pretty weird stuff for sure. Check it out:. Thank you to all creators. Without you my houses would not be the same. The Sheriff's dive team, marine deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers spent time in Cow Key Channel between Key West and Stock Island cleaning up underwater trash yesterday. A few residents of the area joined in to help as well. The last hurrah? Not so fast. Yet. ' SC. P. di Agugliaro, Noventa e Saline. The Grand Prairie woman sentenced to eight years in prison for voting illegally has been released from jail pending her appeal, authorities said. S.

resident and green-card holder, faces deportation by ICE after being convicted last month by a Tarrant County jury on two felony counts of illegal voting.

The mother of four is free to reunite with her children and fiance, Oscar Sherman, who last visited her Wednesday at the Tarrant County Jail. Officers and deputies believed it was a high-risk warrant as the homeowner was prone to violence and was known to be armed with handguns. I pass by this construction site often on my way to work, though I have to admit that I usually speed up to get past this monster crane. We have just a few words this Wednesday. There is a growing movement among the people of this country.

Get off your butt and make some noise! "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds.

Fist my creation: Just so sweet! And here are some AMAZING swaps from my BFF Laurie!! they are over the top! Stamps: Dragonfly Dreams Bundle Paper: Serene Scenery DSP, Pool party, Crumb cake, smoky slate, Old Olive Ink: Old Olive Accessories: Rhinestones. I volontari di Fare Verde saranno impegnati a pulire le spiagge in oggetto per ricordare a tutti che l'inquinamento dei litorali è un problema che esiste per dodici mesi all'anno e non solo durante il periodo estivo. La manifestazione di carattere nazionale, si svolgerà a Lipari sulle spiagge di Acquacalda e Porticello. Le operazioni di pulizia promosse da Fare Verde costituiranno occasione per informare i cittadini sulle possibilità di riduzione del mare di rifiuti che invade le vie delle nostre città, le strade, le autostrade, le campagne, le aree industriali e i quartieri residenziali, le cime delle montagne e i boschi, i prati e, naturalmente, le spiagge. I volontari che puliranno le spiagge predisporranno, al termine della manifestazione, un censimento dei rifiuti raccolti. v. At least.


Cristo, nacque a Saragozza in Spagna. I also have long considered Mexico a major threat to America. This is a short post, to both explain why this blog terminated as abruptly as it did and to also announce a new one. It was the latter that really angered me off hence the title of this post. I like programming and spent quite a few very enjoyable hours hacking the script interface of this blog to make it work the way I wanted to. One thing I disliked was when searching from either a keyword, tag or time slice it returned not just the blog headline and tags but also the body. I modified the calls so that it just presented the headlines and tags, so that upon any type of canned or free form search you would get all the relevant posts. However now you do not get all the relevant posts. Google without consultation and without announcement changed the Blogger platform to limit the amount of posts that were being returned from its database. At the eye of this developing data destruction maelstrom is an online database platform called MongoDB. Worse, hardly anyone who's paid the ransom demands has yet received their files back. They had some people not show and low turn out for volunteers to help cook. So. parking on the GA apron.

In order to get there, one apparently needs a coat closet.

So we built one. The closet is aft of the fridge. So the first step is to prepare that side of the fridge's framing for the closet wall. Then we cut the wall panel to match the curvy Annie wall and ceiling profiles. JIMMY FALLON: According to a source close to Trump, his staff is trying to get him to watch less TV, which he often does when he's bored. Trump will be the only president in history who's given an iPad during state dinners to keep him from squirming. This morning I woke to an amazing email that was just too good not to share asap with my readers. Khongboon Swimwear has branched out into activewear! The new range is a apart of the Khongboon Group and is conveniently named "Khongboon Activewear"I've taken a few images from their website to show off my favourite styles. Their look book is just too cute with all the fantastic yoga poses too. Their prices are in USD so don't get confused when you're making an order. Products are shipped from the Thailand warehouse internationally. . Pedro of the Treetops is a jaguar mink and captain of the Guardians. He is the former captain of the Nox Pirates who sailed in search of a Poneglyph, and he earned a bounty in the process, but his journey was cut short in Totto Land. Pedro is a large, male feline mink with spotted fur, white ears, and long, wavy blonde hair. He gave up his left eye during his time as a pirate captain, and presently covers his scar with his hair. Due to the ruthless way Jack and his men brutalized the minks, he suffered grievous injuries to the left side of his face and has a torn left ear.

Upon entering Totto Land, Pedro donned a dress shirt with floral-like frills down the middle, a dark cape with the same frills on the edge, and a large dark hat which partially obscures his face.

Pedro is extremely loyal to whomever he follows, and is often overly eager to use violence to help his allies during tense situations without waiting for discussion. pray for Israel. The biggest, and least talked about problem in the Middle East, is Islam - the "religion of peace" that wishes to kill every Jew and infidel on the face of the earth. You need not take my word for it - in fact, don't. Do your own research. I suggest you start with the Bible and work your way forward. Why Obama, Kerry are evil, not just wrongJoseph Farah I understand there are people reading this who will be put off by that headline. I get it. By: RT Russia has once again taken the crown from Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producer. The two countries are global leaders in crude production by a wide margin, trading the top spot from time to time. The Labour Bureau today published the magix number of AICPIN for the calculation purpose of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief for the existing and retired employees of Central Government.


entry. length. H. blogspot. The fortuitous development of reading a plaque on a Masonic building in Tucson, led the writer to investigate, solely out of curiosity, along what latitude the city of Tucson and or the State of Arizona happened to be located. The Arizona Department of Corrections maximum security prison is located there and contains on its grounds Arizona's death row. Located immediately west of the prison grounds in the town of Florence itself is a small Masonic related building on Main street.

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said that the campaigns to take Mosul and Raqqa would end in the next six months. I AM THINKING TOMORROW IT WILL START. AND MOVE THROUGH THE WEEK. I CERTAINLY HOPE SO. ADMINBILL:DRL. He has created an image by showing his face and his words are well crafted to coverthe hidden agenda he might have. He has a habit of contradicting himself but then why should it be surprising - he is a former politician after all. I am not advising what you should be doing. All I am saying is to be careful. May Humanity, Love & Peace ProsperNYSDave Schmidt Live Stream, Jan. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Yakubu Dogara, has assured senior citizens that the legislature will do all within its powers to ensure that duly qualified professionals are put in charge of management of their pension. I. A. Represented by deputy chief whip of the House, Hon Pally Iriase, at a public hearing on a bill to establish the Nigerian Intelligence Pension Board, and for the Chartered Institute of Pension Practitioners of Nigeria, at the National Assembly, the Speaker said it is one of the ways to ensure that the wellbeing of people who spent their prime serving Nigeria are well taken care of in their older years. He said, "The legislature in Nigeria, being alive to its responsibilities, regards the pension industry as a major contributor to the economic and social wellbeing of Nigerians. The wellbeing of those who gave their best to the nation at the prime of their lives must be taken care of at the twilight of their lives. A well planned retirement with well managed pension scheme should guarantee the good life for our senior citizens. Executive Governor of Plateau State Rt. Hon. Bar. Simon Bako Lalong has inspected the Jos Prison's school facilities. .