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let's just get after it.

Above: York Minster's Star of David - image credit, York Minster. More than fifty years later, the horrors of this period continue to shock and continue to reverberate. Around six million Jews were murdered, while other victims numbered in the millions and thousands, including Soviet prisoners of war, the disabled, Jehovah's witnesses, homosexuals, Romani and ethnic Poles. These victims endured enslavement in concentration camps, imprisonment, torture and murder, and the testimonies of those who survived these horrors testifies to the dark depths of human hatred, intolerance and bigotry. "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. Against such things there is no law. m. She also added white fans by drawing a green border with a marker on white cardstock. I hope you've been inspired to decorate for St. Patrick's Day even if you're not entertaining. Caro Direttore,segnalo nella contrada Monte il deposito di rifiuti di qualsiasi genere, scaldabagni, sedili di auto, stendibiancheria, ecc. Cordiali SalutiLuciano Mandarano. Foto di Fabrizio Polizzi. Update on the plight of political prisoners Eduardo CardetImprisoned opposition leader: Dr. Eduardo Cardet Concepción Regis Iglesias Ramirez is a Cuban political and civil society activist and a former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. He is currently the spokesman of the Christian Liberation Movement. The interview is in Spanish but a summary of the information provided is reproduced below in English. Dear Colleague, It's hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us! As we continue celebrating all of our members, we are reminded of the PCACAC mission: To support and advance college admission professionals as they guide their institutions, students, and families in an ethical manner.


pcacac. edu, Katie McEnroe, Katie. YouTube link. Then. Hi there! It's Cindy back on the blog with you today. This is my last post on this blog as an ADFD DT member. It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this crazy-talented group of ladies!! And a big thank you to Tammy for the opportunity to make cards with her amazing images!! We've had some Spring like weather the past few days. So, I couldn't help but use this little cutie to make my first Easter card of the year. You can find more details on my card at In Love with Paper. You can find Easter Friend in the ADFD shop. I'm gonna miss this. After extensive research I disabled the Intel SpeedStep and TurboMode technology which automatically increases the clock speed of the processor under heavy load. Ableton was not able to detect the clock speed change of the processor and as the processor clock speed changed based on load, it interfered with my audio playback. Here is a snapshot of my workstation where I disabled SpeedStep and TurboMode Tech. . I need your help. Again. Gen. Kazaure, who was represented by the Director of Mobilisation, Chief Frank Ekpunobi, disclosed this at Issele-Uku, Delta , during a visit to the camp. He said that any insinuations about scrapping the scheme was borne out of "poverty of information. '' He said that the NYSC period in the life of an individual was a period of stop gap and period to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Andrew Gn Beaufille Boss Chloe Christian Siriano David Michael Dion Lee Haney Jenni Kayne Jonathan Simkhai Mara Hoffman Paule Ka Phelan Protagonist Simone Rocha Vanessa Bruno Victoria Beckham Victoria, Victoria Beckham Wes Gordon Darlings, which of these LWDs are you loving? CC is smitten with the Simone Rocha dress! xoxox, CC. Some border patrol stations have been slow to carry out President Donald Trump's immigration enforcement executive order and instead have continued former President Barack Obama's "catch-and-release" policies, according to a union official. ". IL SANTO DEL GIORNO: SAN VINCENZO DI SARAGOZZA S. Cristo, nacque a Saragozza in Spagna. Tra i persecutori si distinse Daciano, governatore della Spagna, il quale ordinò che tutti i Cristiani fossero arrestati e rinchiusi in orride prigioni.

Fra questi furono arrestati Vincenzo ed il vescovo Valerio.

J. I was recently watching a documentary that described the engineering and design of bridges.

There really was no cookie cutter recipe.

For the most part, each bridge was a custom design job that resulted from the engineering best practices at the time it was designed, the available materials, and the opinions of the engineers. Sounds a lot like the software development. One thing that didn't sound like software at all was the attitude toward maintenance. The bridge engineers all had respect for the original design and applied their skills to maintain it. They would incorporate new techniques and materials where it supported the intent of the original designers, but there was no push to "refactor" the bridge. As a result the bridges keep working, fulfilling their original purpose and providing value every day. Imagine how this might be different if each new engineer on the project came in and said "This bridge design is crap. I'm surprised it even works. Doug_W. Embed from Getty Images. Hi my paper buddies. Today is my day over at the Cheery Lynn Blog. I have a fun sunshiney yellow tag to share with you today on this Monday. Than cut my sentiment out and added it as my main image. I added some cute little flowers using the gardenia and the Sweet Christine flower dies. I also added some leaves for dimension. From there I just added some mini tags and twine tied through the top for my tag. Ready to tie to a package or gift bag. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Amy will read from "On the Day That I Died" by Candace Fleming. Later, they must produce an original song and video for Trident. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes control of the boardroom. His advisers include Tyra Banks and his nephew, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger. Photos credit: NBC. It is both thrilling and humbling for me to be part of this tidal wave of creativity. It has a matte finish, dries extremely fast, and - perhaps best of all - will not destroy any pen/marker you choose to use to make marks on it. The paints in the line range in opacity and are labeled as opaque, semi-opaque, or translucent. The new colors work well with my first release of paint colors, initially slated to be a limited edition but not part of the permanent range of available colors. From journalists fawning over liberal and left-wing icons, to nasty attacks on Republicans or conservatives, the obnoxious media bias knew no limits. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those in transition do face uphill climbs in these troubled employment waters.

One group particularly impacted dramatically is the "seasoned" worker AKA, the Baby Boomer. In life, perception is often reality and there are many perceptions of the mature candidate. Let's examine these areas of concern, both spoken and unspoken, that many employers consider when interviewing the Baby Boomer generation. Because of this, they are more likely to be made redundant in a bad economy. Younger workers are more "affordable". "leaks are an unhealthy trend. " First up is the dishonestly skewed Google search engine. When I Googled "did Russia affect the election" the overwhelming number of stories that pop up are anti-Trump and anti-Russia. Meantime the Hillary supporters just poo-pooed the whole thing and ignored her home jiggered server and leaking emails. They laughed, jeered, insulted, and did all they could to destroy him. During that time I watched rally after rally, studied the crowds, and listened to Trump and wondered how in hell someone who was running a bad campaign could draw such crowds - often on very short notice.

No ground game? That was his ground game and it obviously worked.

Lastly, not a question, but a statement: This election was a major wake up call to many ordinary people in this country of how dishonestly the MSM operates. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice. " - Martin Luther King, Jr. Today's the day! Get out your logs and hit the early morning breaks.

Mid NW swell with a little S swell breaking in after low tide.

CHANNEL: The resoluted suited take their waves with pride as there's not too much going on at the moment. A heady mix of a NW with a smaller S swell plays pop goes the weasel when it finally rolls in. Add garlic and onion and stir until golden. Add pomegranate molasses, basil, spices and cumin. Allow the mixture to cool. Adopted from Kiri Recipes. That I managed to fool Linda yet AGAIN!!!! Every year she tells me she will not believe a word i write on this day but yet again she e mails me saying wow that is great news!!!!!!!April Fools' Day Origin A: An observance which takes place in western countries on April first, traditionally known as April Fools' Day or All Fools' during which merriment is supposed to reign and pranks, practical jokes, and hoaxes are socially sanctioned. .