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We saw the new movie in the theater before the tragedies of the deaths happened. I loved the movie and am very happy with the direction the new films are taking. If you liked the original trilogy, my guess is you'll like this. That said, I'm still not over the deaths. So, yes, I loved the new movie, but I can't write about it yet. Watch: To Catch A Predator with laugh track Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

Robert Dodson heads back out to the area where all the weird audio has been recorded lately.

Check it out:. A retired Dallas firefighter is missing and may be in danger. He does not have any known medical or mental conditions. Emergency crews said the man was unresponsive and had suffered a significant injury to his neck. Police said it's unclear from where the bolt came. An investigation is ongoing. Gov. Greg Abbott has declared six Texas Panhandle counties disaster areas following deadly wildfires. A statement from Abbott says Texas officials have asked the U. S. Department of Agriculture for a disaster designation to activate the agency's emergency loan program. The funds would be used to help eligible farmers and ranchers rebuild and recover from losses sustained by the wildfires. Abbott on Thursday suspended some permit requirements and transportation restrictions so hay for livestock could more quickly reach ranches. The importance of this documentary is that it reveals the Castro regime's apparatus of repression targeting friends, family and neighbors of dissidents with the aim of isolating all that dissent from the official line with escalating consequences that can end in prison or death. I am alive today because of one of Justice Scalia´s last decisions, rendered only a month before is death, in Hurst v. Florida. It´s easy to think we live in a black and white world, one defined by political polarizations. But in reality, we live in a world painted in shades of gray. And he made no apologies for his opinions advocating for the state´s power to execute prisoners by any means necessary. But in all fairness, Justice Scalia was not simply unyielding. S. Sandman", "Sincerely", "Ciao Ciao Bambino", "Stranger In Paradise", "Piel Canela", "Ko Ko Mo", "Fascination", "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing", "Arrivederci Roma", "Bon Bon De Elena", "Cumana", and "Medio Peso" in New York City, New York. Two boats and a large amount of fishing equipment were reported stolen over the past few days in the county. m. on Thursday. m. and it was gone. Sheriff's Detective Rosa DiGiovanni is looking for help from the public to identify two female suspects in a credit card fraud case she is investigating. It had been taken from her purse, where she kept it behind the counter at the store where she works in Marathon. Detective DiGiovanni was assigned to investigate the case. She obtained surveillance video from the Winn Dixie grocery store in Marathon, one of the locations where the card was used. Sure, the mighty Bush-Off Machine is still parked in the GOP garage, but the question is, can it be retrofitted for the Age of Trump fast enough to get tens of million Republican idiots off the hook yet again? I doubt it. Because in case you hadn't noticed. Here's part of what I said: Historical exegesis and linguistic semantics aren't decoder rings. "Lately, I've been working through the Ante-Nicene fathers. " Have you been using your "personal decoder ring that you found in a Cracker Jack box" to interpret them? "Yes, every Protestant sect is filled with historians and linguists. Good luck with that. " You depend on the same thing to evaluate the historical claims of Rome. So your remark is self-defeating. "I don't hold myself up as the final authority in reading the Church Fathers, or the Bible. You hold yourself in that position. Policies, disarmament mandates and "law" see to that. I mean, voluntary coast guard/ environmentalist/ social justice warriors. VP Pence meets with Abadi in Munich & PM adviser of Abadi in Wash DC holds talks at the same time. he will now go back and meet with Abadi. mmm. Ken Marten "Darwin" terrarium with ammonite, ferns and moss via Lily Pasca on Pinterest. did you know that there's no need to water them? they have their own ecosystem! got some watering and sunlight issues with my indoor plants, can't keep them alive and healthy for a long time. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. I'm posting today with a colorful tag that was FUN to create with the March SMAK Kit, "Let Go & Breathe". The fun banner, faux stitches, and sentiment were from this month's SMAK Kit. I LOVED using these images and the sentiment can be used for so many different occasions. Just select one of the links above. For height, Bonnie adds some tall grasses from the Garden Wagon Set in the background. She sets the wagon on the ground by using the large grass from our beloved WC Foliage Set. We hope you enjoy this video and make sure to check out five of our new releases tomorrow! If you enjoyed this video, we would love for you to share it with a friend, or simply give it a "thumbs up" over on our YouTube channel. Now that the holiday doldrums are over, the querying trenches await. Full of hope, and filled with more than a little anxiety, we polish up our query letters and make sure our manuscript is revised, edited, and ready to go out into the treacherous waters of an agent's query inbox, which bears the unfortunate appellation of slush pile.

To help start off the new year with some useful information direct from the source, I asked literary interns Lindsay Warren and Tia Mele of Talcott Notch Literary Services to provide the QT blog readers with some insight into how queries are evaluated, and to answer some questions I think all querying authors have asked themselves at one time or another.

Conventional wisdom is that "The hook, the book and the cook" is the best, tried and true, template for a query letter. e. m. on Feb.

pray for Israel.

The biggest, and least talked about problem in the Middle East, is Islam - the "religion of peace" that wishes to kill every Jew and infidel on the face of the earth. You need not take my word for it - in fact, don't. Do your own research. I suggest you start with the Bible and work your way forward. Why Obama, Kerry are evil, not just wrongJoseph Farah I understand there are people reading this who will be put off by that headline. I get it. You don't really think people who are not serial killers or genocidal maniacs are evil. You would rather just attribute actions to differences of opinion. So let's start with why Barack Obama and John Kerry took one big parting shot against Israel at the United Nations by not only refusing to veto the resolution labeling the Jewish state an occupying power but for orchestrating the introduction of this assault on a peace-loving, liberty-loving, self-governing nation – the only one, by the way, in the Middle East. These kits make creating shakers a breeze! I'm sharing two different cards I made with the Solo Butterfly Card Kit, beautiful Toppings, patterned paper, and various embellishments. The Solo Butterfly Card Kit includes two card bases, two pieces of foam with removable butterfly die-cuts, acetate, and a white pre-die-cut top layer ready for decorating. I'm also sharing two cards I made with the Birthday Shaker Kit. These are smaller shaker elements rather than full card fronts, perfect for cards, tags, and scrapbooks. C. with Trump. I see that there are significant amount of articles that are conflicting the when and whereabouts of Abadi. I am going with many are smoke. One in particular tells the story. Abadi's actual physical location at anytime is a security risk. First up, I have begun to rescue my family members who are in dire situations. I have seen it in my mind's eye when awake, and drempt it whilst asleep. Its been really hard to focus at work - perhaps because it has already gone away?Next up, I have started the process of setting up my group to get immediate food, medical care, and shelter to those on the edge of death - in Africa, Venezuela, in every nook & cranny of the globe. No one will be left behind. Then once that's up and started by one of my project management teams, I'm on to rescuing refugees driven from home, fixing their homes, etc. The global homeless population is not far behind them. I've also taken my first break in the southern Oregon breakroom with some very special co-workers. Creator sees us as, only Light getting brighter, and Immortal Love energy is real Light shining through our fear contaminants to project what's not Love, and not Light out onto a screen in our Play of Consciousness. Images are a gift from Creator Light shining for us to learn to live Loved again, and these images give us glimpses of what's hidden inside, that disappear as soon as we let Creator shine our Personal, and Collective Light, so as these shadows disappear, so do we, along with the illusion of linear Time. .