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The philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer, which we've been discussing for several weeks now, isn't usually approached from the angle by which I've been approaching it—that is, as a way to talk about the gap between what we think we know about the world and what we actually know about it. The aspect of his work that usually gets all the publicity is the ethical dimension. That's understandable but it's also unfortunate, because the ethical dimension of Schopenhauer's philosophy is far and away the weakest part of it. It's not going too far to say that once he started talking about ethics, Schopenhauer slipped on a banana peel dropped in his path by his own presuppositions, and fell flat on his nose. The banana peel in question is all the more embarrassing in that he spent much of the first half of The World as Will and Representation showing that you can't make a certain kind of statement without spouting nonsense, and then turned around and based much of the second half on exactly that kind of statement. Let's review the basic elements of Schopenhauer's thinking. First, the only things we can experience are our own representations. We have just recently won the right in our state to buy wine in grocery stores. It's been partly a struggle with teetotaler religious conservatives but mostly it seems a fight against the state's powerful liquor lobby. I've been taking a stroll down the wine aisle every time I go to the grocery store ever since the new law passed just to get a sense of what's there. I posted my first wines here, my second ones here, and now it's time for another update. The new ones ones I've tried since my last post are not going to unseat my current favorites. I didn't like the J. Bigfooter Ryan finds one of the strangest tree formations we've ever seen, in a new area he has never had the chance to check out before. Ever heard of the Eagle Man? How about a Balloon Man?. LED Fairing Trim by Custom Dynamics Press Release: Light up your Batwing Fairing with our new LED Fairing Trim. customdynamics. Includes Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure. Brontë mentions from the Trump era. Central Maine discusses the words "nevertheless, she persisted": Women and their allies gathered not only in Washington, but around the country and the world on Jan. It was an amazing, and heartening, spectacle. We now have a new slogan, thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky. When he shut down Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Domenica mattina. in diretta dalla Palma. I documenti sono intestati alla signora Kerekes Zsuzsanna.


I saw these birds on a snowy day last August. Snow in August may be unusual inmost of the Northern Hemisphere, but not in the Arctic. Can't tell you what kind of flower this is—aside from saying it's very small. I took this shot with a macro lens on my phone. Please make a donation to support Minutes Before Six By Jeff C.

Thirteenth Step: Call an Optimist, He's Turning Blue When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.

—Norm Crosby Being rejected is never pleasant, whether it's for a duty few want anyway or something else entirely. My sister told me to not send in my jury summons paperwork because, allegedly, if you never respond to the first one then they soon give up and you'll never have to do it. But I actually want to participate in jury duty. I want to serve, to be called to serve, and likely be immediately dismissed by the prosecution. Courtesy of our friend Will Crump, here is an album I did not know of from the German Easy great, James Last! From Will: Hello once again my fellow music lovers.

Hope you enjoy it.

But that's not going to happen either. From the Daily Beast: Megyn Kelly Wants to be the New Oprah She made her name with remorseless on-air cross-examinations of interviewees including Donald Trump. But now Megyn Kelly wants you to know she has a softer side too. I do so hope she decided to lead off her demo reel with this:.

I mean just some fluids, amoxicillin, and a new toothbrush and we'd be back on track! Whomp.

We exchange contact number. At first, I told her I wait for her at Harbourfront, later on that day itself, Elaine message me whether if I can meet them at the hotel, reply her, telling her when she's about to reach Immigration, message me as I need time to travel. When I was on the way, we message each other and I understand she's on the way to Harbourfront, since the bus I am taking will pass by Harbourfront, I stop at Harbourfront and manage to meetup with her at Harbourfront. Gaetano Sardella ed il suo segretario nella Chiesetta del pozzo dove il tam tam aveva radunato una trentina di persone.

Ha fatto anche l'omelia sulle letture del giorno e così ha parlato della importanza e delal forza della preghiera.

Apparve infatti l'Angelo del Signore a S. Nome d'allegrezza. Curious.

So let's cut to the chase and see who really bears special scrutiny, in the eyes of the FBI, "militia extremists".

Wintersett Res: A singing male Cetti's Warbler with another calling, both in the same area of the SW bank. A Saker type hybrid flew over from the sewage farm and continued south. YouTube link. This video presents a very interesting proposition: that Donald Trump has difficulty reading. Examples are presented of him appearing to have problems reading when presented with documents during court testimony and public signings. I think it's unfortunate that the video title questions whether Trump "knows how" to read. The problem, presuming it exists, would be a reading disability rather than a lack of knowledge of how to read. It would also explain his famously low-reading-level speech as being easier to memorize or to read off a teleprompter. Wikipedia's List of people diagnosed with dyslexia is long and impressive, including Alexander Graham Bell, Richard Branson, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Edison, David Rockefeller and many others. A public announcement would probably garner a measure of sympathy and perhaps some improved tolerance for his shenanigans. As-salamu 'alayna wa 'ala 'ibad-Illah is-saliheen. Peace be upon you, O Prophet, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Peace be upon us, and on the righteous slaves of Allah.

Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. So many spankings. what to write about? On david's fitness front I got him a new trainer. This time a vanilla one from an agency. Young and cute and very knowledgeable and professional. I'll treat him like a child in front of her and we'll see where that goes. Ha ha! But david has been doing pretty well on his diet, so the other day I allowed him to have his way with me as he chose. As a result I got spanked, fondled, and fucked. He made me take off every stitch of my clothing as he sat there and watched. They say allowing cabs to park on both sides of the street trolling for fares causes traffic congestion and noise. One neighbor, who lives in a nearby condominium, started an online petition asking the city to take action and the local Councilwoman has said she supports an effort to address her constituents' concerns. L'INTERVIEW En espagnol pour le site latercera. We have gone through your profile and your qualifications have made us to offer you the position as mention on your appointment letter because of your educational background and work experience. Make sure you read this letter very carefully and understand it: before you lay your signature and please note. n this mail there is an attached document called the Worker's Appointment Letter which you have to print out cooler, sign and return it back to us and copy also to Immigration attach immediately for other official endorsement. "The good news is the GOP is waiting on releasing the Obamacare replacement until after the RV, the bad news is they still haven't released the RV so people are freaking out nation wide about their healthcare. Rand Paul marched to the House side of the Capitol Thursday morning, knocked on a locked door and demanded to see a copy of the House's bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which he believed was being kept under lock and key. But that did little to dissuade Paul, openly critical to the House Republican leadership's preferred path on the process, from making his underlying point. "This should be an open and transparent process," Paul said. "This is being presented as if it were a national secret, as if this was a plot to invade another country, as if this were national security. That's wrong. Outside the small House office, the chaotic scene continued with a handful of Democrats demanding they, too, see the legislation, which aides continued to say was not even in the room. Why is it that some people live in extreme wealth and attract it all their lives whilst many others struggle with lack of money and cannot turn it around? Everything in the universe is made up of matter which is energetic in nature. .