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Back in the golden age of social of social media, I used to contribute to the monthly HR carnival, a collection of posts from different HR bloggers, providing a great access point into the HR blogosphere. I'd occasionally host the carnival on Strategic HCM as well, usually with a picture from the Notting Hill Carnival, like the one above. The HR carnival is still going and has just celebrated its tenth year anniversary - and it's still well work a look. An SUV crashed into the front of a Luby's Restaurant Wednesday morning, deputies said. m. Shop For Texas Products The person driving the vehicle is said to be OK, but it is unknown why the driver crashed through the front of the restaurant. Deputies are investigating the incident. Source:. It is currently at the vets alive and well. Well done Phil. ED. courtesy of singtao. It happened to be the Lantern Festival. They not only made heart shaped chocolate but Chang Hsiao-Chuan also presented roses to Sammi. After accepting them Sammi pretended to propse to Chang Hsiao -Chuan. Samm even revealed that on Valentine's Day she will ditch Andy Hui Chi On to spend it with Chang Hsiao-Chuan. At the premiere, they demonstrated the dance scene. Sammi said that it was not too difficult but they spent a lot of time on practice. Chang Hsiao-Chuan said that he did not know how to dance at all, luckily he was able to handle it in the end. He is the rock that I cling to, My shelter in a storm. He can make the birds sing, And shadows take bright form. Whenever I am lonely, whenever I have fears, I call His name out softly, And I know that HE hears. These are so much cuter in person and the carousel paper is just beautiful! You can see the Class by mail details here: Current Classes. Hi all, I am going to be going inactive in a week.

I would like to thank you all for being great fun to talk to and hang out with.

From the RIF to the Telegraph, most of you have been extremely supportive and friendly. I am leaving due to real life requiring more and more of my time. I may be back in the future- when my exams finish in June I will suddenly have a lot of free time. " So much for securing "the blessings of Liberty. " And yes, I've heard the "wolf dog" horror anecdotes. I've also heard of many loving bonds with responsible humans. And a faceless bureaucracy that has "sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people" ensures no individual is held accountable for the expense and the pain they cause. Seven people including two police officers were injured when a man wielding an axe went on the rampage at a train station in Dusseldorf. The suspected culprit, identified as Fatmir H, from Kosovo. Il primo incontro era dedicato alla Storia della Salvezza: una storia infinita che traversa vita terrena e vita eterna. E' difficile infatti immaginare che Dio sia rimasto per millenni muto, senza nemmeno respirare. Dal vescovo di New York fu assegnato alla cura pastorale della popolazione di origine tedesca recentemente immigrata nelle chiese missionarie della regione delle Cascate del Niagara. Si rivolse quindi alla Congregazione del Santissimo Redentore che lo accolse nel noviziato di Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Let's go over a few things. Fortunately, there was no dynamic information to convey to you, so you didn't miss much. There were political and bureaucratic things being tossed around, but they didn't get us to the bank. Now is the time to have conversation and go over some things, a mixture of updates and training. The rest of the post has been added. Now I can't read through, but a few on this Love-haunting list, without sobbing in Love-relief, so it's almost as good for me, as crying in movies alone, that had replaced any other human family, before now. Now I am keeping weekly lists of posts, not just Bright Orange Day Lilly beauties, as if counting, all the weekly things happening continually, since the inauguration, that we may be unknowingly, and increasingly Ascension Glad-about?I am discovering that, more careful reading of every post, seems as if there are many Lovely posts I was ignoring, but overall, I believe, that so many other Spirit Lovers, like me, have, also increased their Light-bodies too. Imagine forming a list on whether Bright Day Lilies make me cry, but sometimes I want to go back and re-read my favorite ones, just in case there are more tears inside to wash away my Duality shame. I Love Phlox perennials the best, because they last a while at the end of summer, but once I realized Day Lilies only present for ONE DAY, it occurred to me that that's how every post is so precious, that 'any' tears are worth what anyone can say, from a whole Truth-lifetime in One beautiful Lilly Heart-past. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. It has a few bunnies with eggs but it also has this cute little chick. You may have noticed that my challenge card today has the same patterned paper. I guess I thought the leftover pieces were too pretty to toss and left them in a box of unfinished cards. The colors and fun floral pattern were perfect for my spring cards today. I brushed some clear Wink of Stella onto the eggs for some sparkle and the chick's arms & eggs were popped up! I also have a sketch for this card on my blog if you'd like to try this one. POTUS Trump Names Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr.

as Acting National Security Advisor-Accepts Resignation of Lt.

General Michael Flynn pic. ". Hi all. The excitement continues as Creativation, the trade show for the Craft & Hobby Association, is less than one week away.

It is there that the new art and craft products for the season will be revealed.

They have been designed to work and mix well with my initial set of paints. These paints are Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics, with a fast-drying, matte finish. They are perfect for mixed media and journaling, as any and every pen/marker you choose to use will make marks on it - without destroying your pen. It's Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in Wisconsin. Thank you for your service!We have declared today Law Enforcement Appreciation Day throughout Wisconsin. pic. Some time ago, I've started to write on this blog about people in the legal profession who are helping the machine of the death penalty. S.

And, I recently wrote about the Texas Attorney General who, in a clinically sterile language, was trying to get the federal court release vials of a misbranded drug in order to kill off the Texas death row inmates, the majority of whom got their after convictions by racist juries, and many of whom got sentenced to death as teenagers.

By the way, since the publication of that article, two people have been executed in the U. S. So yesterday there's a stream reveal of ten or so more cards in the Bahamas tournament thing, as well as a couple of extra cards revealed between the previous reviews I did and this one. Basically the rest of the expansion will be released in a Ben Brode stream next week, and I'll probably do the mass review of everything that shows up next week then. Or maybe I'll do the cards revealed before the stream in one post, and the stream in a separate post.

I dunno.

We'll see how much I'll have to talk. Glacial Shard The Glacial Shard is another one-mana Elemental, which I think is a fair bit better than the Fire Fly. Our small town celebrated its first Snowdrop Festival last week. By next spring they will be more established and there will be even more of them. Many High Street shops took part too, decorating their windows with snowdrop displays. What else have I been up to this past week? It has been a bad last few days as far as the weather was concerned, although our part of the world seemed to have the easiest time. Definitively time to hibernate. Seville oranges, which had been in my fridge since January, needed to be processed, so time for marmalade. chevron. Client code /DMC/CNL/ Vol. He's not the only rich person behaving like this. "Rich people don't get rich by spending it all," says Pam Danziger, a researcher focused on the affluent market and founder of Unity Marketing, which helps brands better connect with affluent consumers.

" There are myriad reasons that many affluent people are, well, cheap.

Some of them are self-made and have spent many years before they were rich being thrifty. Consider that Dr. One Of The Light, I'm sorry, but any mention of government bonds means the government is involved.

Bruce: I would like to talk about a definite partnership with the private sector so no public funds are used for the infrastructure.

Here is what I mean. If Iraq can offer a trillion dollar of sovereign bonds, why couldn't we as the United States offer Federal bonds kind of like US Savings Bonds, but we will call them US bonds used for infrastructure. .