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From the Squatch Master - a return visit to the location where two years prior he captured video of what he believes was a bigfoot creature watching him from behind the trees.

From the youtube channel of the Alabama Bigfoot Society: Are these leaning trees and other odd formations Bigfoot Signs, and iif so , what do they mean.

I found out a long time ago that making them was setting yourself up for disappointment down the road. Likely in a few days to maybe a couple of weeks. I decided to just quit trying that route. So, don't take this post as anything other than my decision to start cleaning up around here. "Here" being my basement shop area which I jokingly refer to here on the blog as "The Lab". Only a few fortunate souls have ever seen it, and it is likely better that way. Well, from the standpoint of the past, it is. Now I am hoping to change that a little bit. Cleaning up this vortex of bicycle paraphernalia has often been an exercise in futility not unlike making New Year's Resolutions. I would start in earnest, make a little headway, then something would distract me from my task and the next thing you know, I am adding to the piles instead of removing them. California strawberry fresh market production has been increasing in the state with the return of good weather. Florida and Mexico are also still moving quite a bit of fruit into the market, yet fresh market pricing remains fairly good at this time. Bigfoot might be elusive to find, but not if you're playing a Rockstar video game. After gamers beat the game every which way, the immersive world brought them right back for some tasty, teased hidden secrets. Some were small, and some were quite huge. Rumors began about a hidden Bigfoot somewhere in a dark, massive, Northern Californian forested area of the game. Though the origin of this rumor is unclear, players grew tired searching up and down for the cryptid.

Some "GTA V" hackers and modders decided to insert a custom Sasquatch into their own versions of the game.

I was recently in Florida. It's a place that fascinates me. I love the panther crossing signs on the road among other weird things. I was on the beach drawing this rendition of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. My cousin Steven, informed me that the movie was filmed in Florida. Somehow that made total sense when I heard it. I may not be, the retire to Florida type, but I am, the go to Florida once or twice every winter type. Paul W. S. Anderson d. M. F. courtesy of singtao. A five minute confidential video was shown. To celebrate the Lunar New Year in advanced, actors and guests performed a "Lo Hei" ceremony! When Jung Yong-Hwa appeared, he greeted everyone in Cantonese. "Hi everyone, I am Jung Yong-Hwa". Fans screamed all over. Ting Fung also wished everyone an early Happy New Year and said that eating was the most important. We seem to have had a lot of grey days this winter, but over the weekend we finally got some beautiful sunshine. The dogs had a blast this weekend. The goats are enjoying the sunshine too. Geoff fell asleep sun-worshipping. But Chloe and Dodger can play all day! Gigi isn't running around right now because she was spayed last week and isn't supposed to run around like a lunatic at the moment. Dodger stalking Chloe. Chloe is ready! And off she goes! I swear she has whippet in her blood. These Jampups sure have z a zest for life. You can shop the spring looks on revolve. Seems even though Dana Hahn is tending to her ailing mother and headed back home to Michigan, there is significant mistrust amongst the rank and file. Although she's had a few business dalliances like this, Hahn was generally well-liked in Jack London Square and brought much needed cohesion to the station particularly at a time when KTVU is still dealing with new ownership from Cox to Fox. The person has a keen awareness of what's going on at KTVU but like all others, asked for anonymity. "We're all a little apprehensive. " Fox management rules a tight, rugged ship and even though its legacy station is still held in high esteem and respected throughout the Bay Area and beyond, Fox-instituted regimens exist. La muse NEWTON-JOHN inspire toujours les DJs. et c'est rassurant au passage !Zitadellicious vient de revisiter le MAGIC extrait de la B. O XANADU. TOTALLY WHAT ?. So images of Jesus are Nestorian. On the other hand, Catholics say that if you deny that Mary is the Mother of God, that makes you Nestorian. Poses a bit of a dilemma for Puritans. . Robert Price is an apostate, atheist, and mythicist, so I disagree with how he introduces this post, but what he says about secular humanism is instructive, as an insider to the movement:. " So much for securing "the blessings of Liberty. " And yes, I've heard the "wolf dog" horror anecdotes. I've also heard of many loving bonds with responsible humans. And a faceless bureaucracy that has "sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people" ensures no individual is held accountable for the expense and the pain they cause.

IL SANTO DEL GIORNO: Egli era un nobile del Trecento, sposo felice di una gentildonna sua pari, e aveva un debole per la caccia.

Dominato dall'impazienza e dal dispetto, l'appassionato cacciatore impartì un ordine imprudente: quello di dar fuoco alla macchia per stanare l'animale. Era estate, e nella pianura riarsa dal sole, gli uomini di Corrado non furono in grado di controllare le fiamme da loro stessi suscitate. Si sviluppò un incendio che, con l'aiuto del vento, distrusse le messi e le cascine vicine. Nessuno era stato testimone del loro involontario malestro. Il rimorso e la paura tennero suggellate le bocche. Luigi Romani e dall'Ispettore Cesare de Falco funzionare del Miur. Luigi Romani. Le temperature continueranno ad essere freddine al mattino mentre le massime inizieranno a subire una lieve crescita nelle ore centrali della giornata. Durante la settimana non si prevedono precipitazioni significative nel Basso Tirreno. Si prevede l'arrivo di nuove piogge da Sabato sera.

Ma a proposito di questo nuovo peggioramento saro' piu' preciso nei prossimi interventi.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . " He infallible according to the statement from the "satisfaction with the results of his recent visit to the Kurdistan region was stressed to strengthen trust and understanding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government Relations, also praised the coordination and cooperation between the army and federal police and Peshmerga forces on the battlefield against the terrorist gangs. " And accept Kubiš "the results of his visit to the United Nations in the New York and his meeting with the new Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, stressing the" readiness of the United Nations to support Iraq's plans in terms of the protection of displaced people and the eradication of terrorism and political reconciliation also conveyed a congratulatory Guterres Iraq's recent military victories against terrorism. Uyongikhumbula Um' uthando selulahlekelwe yikho konke, Umhlaba usuphelelwe yizinto zonke, Uyongikhumbula ngephimbo lami, Ebelikuhayel' izinkondlo zothando ngemizwa yami, Uyolikhumbul' iqiniso lengqondo yami, Uyowakhumbul' amaceb' emicabango yami, Ebikad' ikucushis' ezincingweni zemicabang' engcolile, Um' uthando selulahlekelwe yikho konke, Umhlaba usuphelelwe yizinto zonke, Empilweni yakh' uyofikelwa usizi nokubalisa, Ngalamazw' uzothi ngiyakuqalekisa, Kodwa ngizam' ukudlulis' usizi lwemizwa yam' ebhekene nokujeziswa, Bengizimisele ngokukunik' uthando olungenakupheleliswa, Kodwa walulahla waqom' olokwenziwa, Emva kwezinsuku namahor' amabili luyovuthiswa, Um' uthando selulahlekelwe yikho konke, Umhlaba usuphelelwe yizinto zonke, Uyob' usukuphi ngosuku lokuthath' isinqumo? Empilweni yakh' esofika nolukhul' uguquko, Kuyophel' izifiso namaphupho, Ubumnandi bothando kuwe buyodlula njengehubo, Uyob' ubuswa umzwangedwa nenkumbulo, Ungasenakusibuyisel' emumv' isikhathi sasendulo, Um' uthando selulahlekelwe yikho konke, Umhlaba usuphelelwe yizinto zonke, Uyongikhumbula ngokungaphez' empilweni yakho, Ngiyoba owokuqal' omkhumbulayo ngay' ihliziyo yakho, Uyofikelwa ukwesaba, Uphelelwe ukwenama, Uvalo luyokushaya unqanyukelwe amandla, Empilweni yakh' uyophel' umdlandla,. She wants to make her cute boyfriend a mini album for Valentines Day. She said Mom, do you want to help me? That was all I needed for some inspiration! Have you been watching Keeping it Simple with Ang? You have to check it out! You can see it here! She also inspires me so I followed her lead!! It honestly takes very little supplies to make a cute tag. Tags are so fun to make and perfect for cards, gifts and scrapbooks!! I'm not done either! I feel the need to make even more I just had to get the blog post done! LOL Happy Stamping Thanks for stopping by today!. I admit that my Filofax is in a bit of a mess right now. Instead of using my different sections, everything is lumped together in Notes/In and items on my lists are either done or low priority. .