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It has been more like mid-March instead of February at all.

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Marina di Salina.

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The pizzeria has two employees - Joe making pies and a pleasant fellow working the register.

Seen here in a this mornings winter snow at their dock in Lermonds Cove. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Christina Ryba's fraudulent election was celebrated because of her gender and race - and for that reason, I believe that Judge Betty Williams' fraudulent election was not struck down, and Betty Williams herself was not prosecuted for public fraud criminally. But, after judges were appointed on false certifications that their "service" was "necessary to expedite the business of the supreme court", nobody checked what they do on the bench - their "productivity was not a focus" of re-certification reviews, so those positions were, essentially, highly paid sinecures for retired judges after retirement, at a huge cost to taxpayers. The Living Wage!!? All the failures, The Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, North Korea, and a latest socialist state to hit the wall, Venezuela, currently said to be in possession of untold wealth in oil reserves, tried to use state dictate to make it work. An arbitrary hourly rate in excess of twenty dollars an hour is being promoted under Alice In Wonderland idiotic freekinomics, from Charlie Waldegrave, yet the cost in money, jobs, and social degradation has rarely been addressed in any analysis. The exception that could have proved the truth came when Wellington City Council moved to embrace the crass stupidity with an old labour tusker voting for it while admitting he could not pay those same wage levels in his food outlet as it would destroy the viability of his business. Nobody noticed it seems. Of course such negativity did not transfer to his support for the WCC with its fallback to ratepayer funding deficits, for councilors who were never going to have to confront such inconvenient economic reality, spending other peoples money. However the increasing acts of economic sabotage are increasing in numbers where those seeking to impress can pay for it with OPMs Of course it is no secret that McDonald's fast food chain is looking to eliminate its lower paid staff with increasing use of robots. Some jobs are and never will be economically viable at an artificial rate of remuneration, it is not rocket science. A noun doesn't define Russian agent in any legal sense. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong. " - Calvin Coolidge Clear and calm in most all respects. Roads have cleared along with the skies which are full of sunshine and bright glory. .