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Meet Libby Weith who is an Associate Director of College Counseling at St.

Stephen's & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Virginia. What led you into admissions/college counseling? Share your journey story! I started, as so many of us do, as a student worker in the Admissions Office. I was hooked! I was lucky to be able to join the admissions team and in doing so joined what I think is an awesome profession. On the college side, I loved travel season – visiting all of my college counselor friends and sharing the outstanding opportunities that Furman offers to students. There has been no continuation of the story of the Bible and of the Israelites at all. No stories of burning bushes, no prophesies, no coats of many colours, no arks or talking snakes. It's all been rules rules rules. And the last three chapters are the same too. In this one we have rules about property and what to do with it. Plus a nice phrase that the writers of the King James Bible came up with that people liked so much they put it on a bell. So God once more, we are told, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, it must have been one hell of a chat. I love those ship shape letters in the inspiration photo at Fusion this week! So I went with a letter theme and made a shaded panel of letters by using an alphabet diecut, some masking paper and Faded Jeans Distress Ink.

How can you not love an ink called Faded Jeans? We all have that pair that we would never part with! Be inspired by the picture.

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Yup, I missed another week, thanks to work keeping me very busy last weekend.

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