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A few years ago I reported on an Illinois case that held that a contract that violated the rules of professional conduct could not be enforceable. I was reminded of this case because just a couple of days I ago I read that a court in Washington DC recently reached a different result.

The Legal Profession blog has a report here.

Made up stories, over-active imaginations, or truth? Some things you hear in the bigfoot world seem out of the realm of possibility. But then again, so is bigfoot. Watch: Nice eyebrows Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. A team of brothers hunt for bigfoot and dogmen in the state of Oklahoma. E. M. D. Thanks to everyone who turned out this morning to help clean up Jet Ski Beach on Card Sound Road in Key Largo. It was a beautiful day for it and now the beach and surrounding area is much nicer to look at as well. The small plantation is on an old quarry site on a hill-edge with big views of Weardale. We kept digging up green-coloured clinker and the odd half brick and, apparently, this was due to theold quarry being filled with waste from the local steel foundries. In fact, it's an old route with a new start, mainly aimed at avoiding a really steep and slippery descent which is probably a bit risky for many of the DCC guided walks punters. The new route is a bit more interesting anyway and it has the added bonus of more contours, thus helping with anybody's slimming plans or for hardening up their thigh muscles for proper walks in the Lake District. After that it clouded up and drizzled a bit. We are so happy to share Valentine inspiration today from our friend Heather! She created some adorable Scalloped Treat Boxes using images from Love Letters and colorful Tiny Tags! Heather filled the boxes with yummy Rolo candy wrapped in Valentine colors as a special treat for her son's PreK teachers. Il video. E. M. here and now. Within Grasp. Practice.

It doesn't always make you perfect.

But you do get better. Today, though, I'm referring to: Practice what you preach! I write six days a week to start your days off in a happy manner. It might be uplifting or silly or just a positive message. As the cobbler's children has no shoes, sometimes I need to go back and reread what I write. In the grand scheme of things, some stuff just doesn't matter. Helping others helps you. Point your shoes in another direction. All fantastic mantras that I have written, that I should heed. I felt it important to translate it all, as the song appears only in the Spanish language version of the LDS Hymnal.

If you speak Spanish and English, be sure to share it with a Spanish-speaking friend.

The suspect, who gave her name as Juliana Thompson, told the victim to use the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program as a protection against fraud. The victim was directed to a special eBay web page with a "Buy it Now" option. The web page gave her given instructions in how to set up the vehicle protection plan and how to make payments using eBay gift cards. The instructions said once all the payments were made, the RV would be shipped to her and that if anything went wrong, eBay would refund the money under the protection program. She made the payments using multiple cards and never received the RV. The wind is just raw lately, you want to wear a cap and mittens for sure. There is safety in the pack. I took the red Christmas lights down from the wreath outside and put up the snowmen.

The red lights worked for a Valentine decoration but now it is March.

We went to town yesterday.

We had a few errands to do. Chance needed help getting in the new vehicle and when we got back home he refused to get out…finally Far Guy lifted him up and out. Chance is going to have to wear his vest with the handle…and he hates it. Anyways the Ben Franklin Store in town was one of our stops. Isn't my sister's block so fun and BEE HAPPY! I was with her when she purchased this fabric in a quilt shop up in Logan. I thought it was kind of funny, for one it's not my style but very much her style. I love that I can tease her! So when she pulled this project out for her block she called me, and we had a chuckle! Now here is the truth and secret. I wanted to do her block, but I will be making it up to her later. You can see this is on her cutting table. I have to admit the block she chose to make with this fabric will end up being amazingly cute!!! There are some secret things i can't show you that are a favorite part of my sewing room. My sister has an inkling of what it is and soon you will know what I'm talking about. I do have to admit I love the Binding Babies I make and my scissors! My other favorite items is my desk and sewing desk that were custom made for me by our dear friend Craig! He took my vision and made it happen.

Hello, My Friends! Have you tried our ink pads and markers? Take a look at our selections of ink pads, markers, mini ink pads, single ink pads with refills & more! Happy Stamping!.

The name Mercedes brings to mind the idea of luxury and exclusivity. It only makes sense that the latest release in Maisto's Exclusive Collection is a Mercedes AMG GT. This model has just arrived, and we're excited to tell you all about it! This Mercedes AMG GT features metallic blue paint. The paint job on all Exclusive Collection models have extra paint layers for maximum depth and saturation of color. At its best, atheist experience is like a man locked away in a pitch black room, daydreaming of summer. Subjective hope.

At its worst, Christian experience is like a man locked away in a windowless, unlit room with a sliver of light shining through the keyhole from the summery world beyond.

Objective hope. . Iacolino testimoni di un'epoca. The digital version of AMRM has been released by Zinio. The contents page. This issue's feature layout article continues Stuart Dix's description of his HO scale modern-era Victorian layout. This chapter details the major extension that materially changed the look of the layout. As usual, we endeavour to bring you a wide variety of interesting articles on as many aspects of modelling Australian railways as we can fit in. As always, this issue features something for everyone. Do you like those colourful modern trains and would like to model them more authentically? Chris Jones describes a very easy to model series of trains currently moving material on the NSW Main South line. Building a layout and looking for a believable way of getting the trains 'offstage'? Craig Veitch may be able to help with the latest in his series on building his layout. Those who wish to see the skies as their grandparents did and appreciate the magnificience of the Milky Way would do best to find a "dark sky" away from the contaminatin of urban lighting. I made the screencap above from a world map at DarkSiteFinder. It's zoomable to tell you which way to drive from Salt Lake or Park City for stargazing - - and it covers the entire world - ?why the hot spot in subSiberian Russia? Perhaps burning natural gas from oil fields? Found via an article at FiveThirtyEight about The Darkest Town in America, which discusses the environmental and health effects of nocturnal light pollution. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Your LifeThe movie "Paycheck" stars Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings, the reverse engineer, & Uma Thurman as Doctor Rachel Porter, the biologist who helps Jennings solve the mystery. It is a great story line that demonstrates how knowing a little information about your future can go a long way in your life planning. Spoiler Alert!!!Interestingly, sometimes it is not good to know too much about the future. This is one of those times. Spoiler Alert, I am about to discuss this movie in great detail, and this is one of those moments that you may not want to know the future. If you are still reading this, you have either already seen the movie, or don't plan on seeing the movie.

In any case, I am about to reveal the plot and show you how this movie parallels life very well.

Basnews has removed the exchange rate from their web site. interesting. CBI still hasen't updated their spreadsheet. Sometimes news sources DO jump the gun. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. JIMMY FALLON: The big movie at the box office this weekend was The Lego Batman Movie, which actually beat Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades loved it. CNN is a disgrace. Donald Trump: Dead. Mike Pence: Dead.

Paul Ryan: Dead.

It's crap like this that helped elect Donald Trump. It's crap like this that makes me truly happy that the Leftists are out power. From journalists fawning over liberal and left-wing icons, to nasty attacks on Republicans or conservatives, the obnoxious media bias knew no limits. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Good morning, Seekerville! You asked and we answered with a four-part series covering some very important aspects of writing. .