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Robert Dodson heads back out to the area where all the weird audio has been recorded lately. Check it out:. Join Derek Wright & Kelly Shaw as we show you the history of bigfoot sightings from Riverdale to Coalville. This is a photo of the woman who cut the course at a recent race, robbing my friend of her rightful second place finish.

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" I'm a huge fan of the Marathon Investigations blog, and of the cheating investigative work done on Letsrun. Cheating siphons out all that is good about sports, leaving just a husk. It's the same feeling a child has when he or she gets a new toy for their birthday or for Christmas. After we buy the item, sometimes we are hit by a wave of remorse. We ask ourselves if we really needed the item or if we should have spent the money. Buyer's remorse is nothing new. In fact, the first instance of buyer's remorse is in the reading we heard from Genesis earlier in today's service. It began with the crafty serpent and his sales pitch. He was also the first example of a salesman who sold "snake oil. Originally posted at: Donald Trump apparently would rather kill children in other countries than educate them in ours. When you make a budget, you betray your priorities. As Paul Begala said, "The budget is a profoundly moral document. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be. S. This sad excuse for a man actually proposes that guns and tanks are more important than school children. Perhaps his motto should be "Save the guns! Fuck the children!" No wonder he obsesses about the size of his hands and literally brags about the size of his genitals on the campaign trial. Nancy created a Valentine card with a neutral color palette that's great for a guy! She used Love Letters sentiments to stamp the background. girotondo-lipari. it. Skeletal remains were found inside a home in the Heights neighborhood on Saturday, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The homeowners were putting things away in the attic and notice a loose board. When they moved the board, they discovered skeletal remains in the walls, according to officers on the scene. Investigators had to punch a hole in the wall to remove the bones. Neighbors tell us a previous homeowner, an older lady, was reported missing two years ago. A Medical Examiner is working to identify the remains and determine if there was any foul play. The Homeland Security Department has drafted sweeping new guidelines aimed at aggressively detaining and deporting immigrants living in the U. S. illegally, according to a pair of memoranda signed by DHS Secretary John Kelly. The memos dated Friday seek to implement President Donald Trump's broad directive to crack down on illegal immigration. Kelly outlines plans to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand on the priority list for immigrants marked for immediate removal and enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests, according to a person briefed on the documents, who confirmed the details to The Associated Press. Texas Sized Barbeque Grills "The surge of illegal immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States," Kelly wrote. He said apprehensions on the southern U. S. Kate McCormick Seduced and pregnant by her father's friend Unwed, she died from abortion, her only choice. Abandoned in life and death by family. With but a single rose from her mother.

Buried only through the kindness of unknown benefactors.

Died Feb. Res ipsa loquitur. I. Y. You can see more of life around these parts over on Instagram where I document and share a more personal look into our life. You can follow me HERE for a peek into our daily happenings. Siegrist-Silbon Troupe. Recently, modern web browsers have applied new rules for web pages with forms & input fields.

A lot of our readers asked us why the "Not Secured" warning indicator displayed at their browser bar even though the web page is served under a blogspot.

This warning sign does not mean that your blog is not safe or secured, nor. blogspot. This is a new browser detection rule where when a web page requires to display a form with input fields, some inputs will trigger this warning if the web page is not served with an HTTPS protocol. The evening will also feature a short presentation on 'The Pleasure of Smoking: The Views of Confirmed Smokers' by Dr Neil McKeganey, director of the Centre for Substance Use Research, which I wrote about over the Christmas period. It promises to be an interesting night out, featuring these speakers battling it out for supremacy in favour of their favourite nicotine product. I'll be going along on the night and, I expect, on to a local boozer for a bit of post-debate banter afterwards. A new Director Defence information has been appointed. He is Major General John Enenche. Until his appointment as the new Defence Spokesman, Major General Enenche was the Defence Liaison Officer at the Defence Headquarters. Now that the holiday doldrums are over, the querying trenches await. Full of hope, and filled with more than a little anxiety, we polish up our query letters and make sure our manuscript is revised, edited, and ready to go out into the treacherous waters of an agent's query inbox, which bears the unfortunate appellation of slush pile. To help start off the new year with some useful information direct from the source, I asked literary interns Lindsay Warren and Tia Mele of Talcott Notch Literary Services to provide the QT blog readers with some insight into how queries are evaluated, and to answer some questions I think all querying authors have asked themselves at one time or another. Conventional wisdom is that "The hook, the book and the cook" is the best, tried and true, template for a query letter. e. Many have asked: how will the FCC change under Chairman Pai?" HT:MC. About AltheaAlthea OnlineIf you haven't know about Althea, let me do a brief introduction to you. Althea is a one stop online store where you can find varieties of authentic K-Beauty products at reasonable price. Products are hand picked and packed from Althea Warehouse in Korea and shipped to your door step. Last week it was cool and lawns needed a trim so before firing up the 'yellow peril' I snatched a jacket in 'my shed' only to have a large rat run down my arm. So traps set and success next day with a similar size rat, very dead. Later that next day SWMBO glimpsed a Magpie eating another bird on the driveway. My observation indicated the takeaway was possibly a Tui, so unlock gun safe, put magizine into. Further investigation revealed a young very dead Tui sans it's head. ROFL. Don't back down Prime Minister. Don't go. Never go. The Marae has no mana.

Almost exactly a year ago, we found Mr.

Jesus. who the fuck knows? But it was in The New York Times, so it must have been Vitally Important. First, pick your ribbon. Take a wooden rod or wooden spoons and use the handles to wrap your ribbon around, securing with a clothes pin at both ends. Finally, spray lightly with spray starch while still wrapped and let cool. Now unwrap and enjoy the all the fun of corkscrew ribbon!!! Easy, right? I told you so! Just imagine all the things you can make using fun corky ribbon and get curling! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Happy crafting!. Ministers hold the office till they enjoy confidence in the Parliament. Select the correct answer using the codes given below. Consider the following statements: The Council of Ministers in the Centre shall be collectively responsible to the Parliament. The Union Ministers shall hold the office during the pleasure of the President of India. " I gave thought to it as I read Bewdah mention ride or die in a post yesterday. I see how it applies in this case as when you ride or die with someone, you have a deep inner knowing of something so unshakable that regardless of what you have to endure, you stand with it. Brotherhood is a ride or die deal. You stand with your brothers or die trying. Only when the chips are down and the odds look bad do people show you what they are made of. It's easy to run from the fight but after the triumph, its difficult to look back and see the weakness, doubt, and fear that were merely illusions. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, right? That brings us to Karma. This is what GESARA is to end. The sooner we exchange and wake up the people we will be able to do God's work. The figure for the south-western Bay region is the first official death toll announced during the crisis.

The full impact of the drought on the country is still unknown.

Humanitarian groups fear a full-blown famine will follow.

Currently, almost three million people in Somalia face food insecurity. Local news outlet Alldhacdo reported dozens of deaths due to cholera in the town of Awdinle, also in the Bay region. The disease is often spread due to lack of clean drinking water. More continued ad homenim smears against President Trump from this same author, who day after day, week after week is consistently wrong. .