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Southbound lanes of traffic will be closed and both directions of travel will be diverted into the northbound lanes.

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The exception that could have proved the truth came when Wellington City Council moved to embrace the crass stupidity with an old labour tusker voting for it while admitting he could not pay those same wage levels in his food outlet as it would destroy the viability of his business. Nobody noticed it seems. Of course such negativity did not transfer to his support for the WCC with its fallback to ratepayer funding deficits, for councilors who were never going to have to confront such inconvenient economic reality, spending other peoples money. However the increasing acts of economic sabotage are increasing in numbers where those seeking to impress can pay for it with OPMs Of course it is no secret that McDonald's fast food chain is looking to eliminate its lower paid staff with increasing use of robots. Yes, Ron Fournier who has a long and shameful history of just making shit up about Democrats so he can continue to burnish his Beltway Dung Beetle cred by puling about the wretchedness of Both Sides has been tapped by someone at the DNC to help them rebuild their party. And I'm pretty sure it'll go a little something like this. Secular progressives and "progressive Christians" stand at a crossroads. If Democrats wish to regain power, they need to rebuild and expand their fractured coalition. They lost in part because Obama overplayed his hand.

And it isn't just the White House.

Congress is in the hands of the Republicans. And Democrats now control only one quarter of state houses. As part of their demo submission, they sent me a statement, as follows: "political issues are irrelevant in our context. Misanthropic Forest is about hatred towards human life and we refuse to be categorized as red, anarchist or any other politically motivated music. That being said, their spokesperson made it clear they're in no rush, and want to really do the music justice. This demo was released so that the original recording would be available, to not let the session go to waste. .