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The guild I belong to has a quilt show every two years.

I'll really have to focus. And finally my "First a Path" quilt. Here's a weird tidbit - just happened this AM. they changed the way they list the currency auctions - this AM. NADA. MIA. " The final day of the hearings was barely under way when the Senate's Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, went to the Senate floor to declare his opposition to Gorsuch's confirmation and vow to filibuster the nomination to prevent a vote. An advanced water wrapping system ensures moisture stays locked in to prevent unsightly creasing and cracking. Just a little dab of this high-coverage concealer goes a long way, as it leaves a long-lasting, smooth, and semi-matte finish. Fanny also mentioned that the item will be ready for shipment at the end of Feb. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Izinkondlo: Mama Ngiyeza Ngizokwehla estobhini ka Mafuleka, Ngizolifulathela elasesilungwini ngomso, Ngizotheleka nize ningilindele, Utshele no dado benqamule izinyawo ze ngifike bebahle, Yebo ngizofika emini bebade, Mama ngiyeza, Akusasele mahora namizuzu mingaki, Sengisilungisile isikhwanyana sami engasithenga eflea makethe, Sengime ngomumo ngisacilonga kahle isiphomoliya sami, Sekuphele imizuzu ngiziphophotha esibukweni, Ze bethi uma bengibona ondaba zakudala bebone ukuthi angisendaba zakudlala, Mama ngiyeza, Lapho ilanga lisaxosha inkungu, Namazolo eseqala ukuzicelela empunzini, Ngilunguze isibuko sami okokungcina, Ngithintithe izinxabulela ze zicwebezele, Ngigaxe isijumbana sami emahlombe, Ngihlome ngikhahlele ngizibone zimhlophe izindlela, Ngihlohl' ingidi ngikinatele umfihla khanda, Sengibhekise amabombo ngiyokhomba inqola, Mama ngiyeza, Lapho ilanga liqoqa amathunzi sizobe sesibonene, Uze ulungise ungibike emsamo kuguqa sithandaze, Ubatshele okhokho ukuba belungise amafutha, Ze bengigcobise ebusweni bami, Ngiyethemba nabadala bazohamba nami, No Mdali uzongihlenga ngifike nginibone, Mama ngiyeza,. Hi Ai Fans! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and the Art Impressions set called "Love and Chocolate" is perfect for the "chocoholics" in your life! My hubby loves chocolate and I always have to make sure we have some in the house. He doesn't necessarily eat it but He has to know it's there LOL. I decided to use red cardstock and an embossing folder from Amy Tangerine called "Love Spun" to create my background. Then I used the SSS Ring frame and cut out a section on the background paper. I cut a second ring frame from pink paper and "inlaid"it into the background! Doodlebug's paper pad Sweetheart collection makes the perfect little circles for the ring frame! The sentiment from the "Love and Chocolate" set and a few enamel dots finish off my card front! The inside sentiment is actually from the Ai "In The Air Set". I always like to decorate the inside of my cards too. The Wyatt Family has begun stalking Baron. His music played signaling that he was once again the victor of this match. Waiting for the cue in the music he threw his hands up to form a "T" smirking down at Dean Ambrose, Baron knew this was the end of this challenge, now onto the next. As he exited the ring, the lights fell and the screen lit up with the image of Bray Wyatt flanked by Erik Rowan and Luke Harper. Bray spoke, "Oh Mr. Corbin. pic. I see Reince Priebus is there, too. Yeah, Wisconsin! It appears that Harley is trying to undo some of the damage of the cancelled Trump event in Wisconsin. I know Harley denies the CNN story that an event was even scheduled and its alleged cancellation was due to fear of protests. Whatever. Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite stores, American Eagle. They have very cute and trendy clothes like jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and much more. I get a lot of my clothes from American Eagle. It is defiantly more of a higher quality shopping place, so it's gonna be more expensive.

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When I go back and review my life thoroughly, from the day I was born to this NOW moment, I have had countless major, life changing experiences.