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It was the latter that really angered me off hence the title of this post.

I like programming and spent quite a few very enjoyable hours hacking the script interface of this blog to make it work the way I wanted to. One thing I disliked was when searching from either a keyword, tag or time slice it returned not just the blog headline and tags but also the body. I modified the calls so that it just presented the headlines and tags, so that upon any type of canned or free form search you would get all the relevant posts.

However now you do not get all the relevant posts.

Google without consultation and without announcement changed the Blogger platform to limit the amount of posts that were being returned from its database. Their argument was quite legitimate, they needed to limit the bandwidth loads on their servers, given how some of their users were abusing the Blogger platform. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . Dear Readers, If you haven't noticed yet, the Font size of blog posts has been changed to a larger size. After noticing how small the font size was on blog posts, I've increased the size for easier reading.

The politician stated that it was a moral decision because he wanted to save kids' lives.

Even if he was supporting it for other reasons, medical cannabis falls way short on effectiveness of just about anything, and it certainly doesn't save kids' lives.

There is a real need for politicians to be more scientific in their information gathering and appraisal.

This will make it less likely for them to make untrue statements, and bad decisions based on those statements. Let's look at the evidence for the true effectiveness of medical cannabis. Observation: Years before this moment in Joseph's life he had some dreams about his future. In the process of time he was thrown in a pit, became a slave in a man's home and ended up in prison. Nothing seemed to be going right and it was a process in his life that took years. Application: God can turn around any situation in a moment. One conversation can change your destiny. Many times we try so hard to get ourselves out of bad situations. Unfortunately no candidates were certified.  The budget working group met for the second time this week. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Neuro research studies have grown in popularity over the past several years, and for many good reasons that center on enabling marketers to collect data based on involuntary human responses that are not subject to the traditional error sources of market research such as social desirability, telescoping, memory decay, and others. While many neuro-type studies also include traditional forms of inquiry, such as survey items and open-ended questions, they are usually focused on eye-tracking, facial expression coding, EEG analysis, and the like. But like any market research study, either traditional in methodology, or more cutting edge, the success of these studies is based, in large part, on the quality of participants. As such, quality recruitment is paramount to ensuring that quality data are collected. Often times these studies are conducted in store, where aisles stocked with products of interest are available to serve as test stimuli to which participants respond and react, and quantitative data and their measurements are obtained. Other times, these studies are carried out at facilities where another form of in-person data collection is carried out. Regardless of the venue, setting, and other study-specific variants, participants need to be recruited. I'm sure that in the event of a natural disaster, Emperor Trump will take decisive action. Following that, he'll hold a press conference and reassure the victims with tales of the massive crowds that attended his inauguration. He will tell them that he supports them bigly, even the haters who voted against him, but he'll admit they're losers and that he really likes those who avoid natural disasters. Sharing with you my Adventure Awaits class from friday. I found these adorable leather purses at Target.

I posted on new year's about how I look for three new things to try a year.

This is the reason I choose this theme for my class. To help others look at the possibility of trying three new things a year to challenge themselves.

It can be something quite simple or something that will challenge you.

What adventure awaits you? Since the purses were so small I thought it would be fun to make a tag and add it to the side of the purse. Economics to launch a great weekend!Round One Round Two. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. " - Rudyard KiplingThe wind starts to pick up as the rain falls making for a small stormy day. Only content wind swell which is making it swirly in the mysterious ocean. CHANNEL: The winds are just cutting off the small NW swell as most of it is slop chop. Due to high winds blowing head on, some people might ask themselves what am I going to do. Well try something new and give it your all as the ocean had a little to much to drink. I'll put up a post with links to all five parts the day after I post the final segment. It's about how the gospels fit within the genre of ancient biography. The book carries endorsements from Richard Burridge, James Charlesworth, Helen Bond, Craig Evans, and David Moessner. Keener's chapters are the best, and the book is worth getting for those chapters alone. In this post and others to follow, I want to quote some highlights from the book and add some observations of my own. Experiences and memories mean more than stuff.

Christmas morning the girls found out that instead of stuff under the tree, we were taking a trip to Colorado to go skiing.

We stayed the night and some members of my family may or may not have spent a few hours Pokemon Go hunting. The next day we drove to Salida. .