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I've been a bit remiss with stretches as of late.

A triolet is an eight line poem with a tightly rhymed structure and repeated lines. Here is the form. Here is an example. Phosphorescenceby Avis Harley Have you ever swum in a sea alive with silver light sprinkled from a galaxy? Have you ever swum in a sea littered with glitter graffiti scribbled on liquid night? Have you ever swum in a sea alive with silver light? One of my favorite triolets can be found in Paul Janeczko's A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms.

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The answer in itself isn't rocket science, but there's a lot of work involved to get to the point I'm at right now.

It's simple, but not easy! Those that have worked with me will know that I'm a stickler for quality. I encourage people to create unique, personal and meaning books in order to grow a loyal readership.

To some, that might sound difficult, but it's not nearly as tough as it sounds.

It's simple, but not easy! During previous FIRE Escapes I've had the pleasure of chatting about publishing to some of the attendees. I get the sense that some people want to know how I do it so they can follow a similar path, while others are just fascinated to know how it all works. Being full time mothers, the process has taken them longer than expected. Many of the suspects didn't have criminal records, but some now face years in state prison. Those in transition do face uphill climbs in these troubled employment waters. One group particularly impacted dramatically is the "seasoned" worker AKA, the Baby Boomer. In life, perception is often reality and there are many perceptions of the mature candidate. Let's examine these areas of concern, both spoken and unspoken, that many employers consider when interviewing the Baby Boomer generation.

Because of this, they are more likely to be made redundant in a bad economy.

Younger workers are more "affordable". As such I got to 'swan' around South East Asia a fair bit with Faulkner who was one of natures gentlemen. One of our trips was to Thailand where we were afforded 'Guest of Government' status and on our first night there we were scheduled to have dinner at the Royal Palace hosted by King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit. They play no further part in this story. We flew early morning from KL to Bangkok, Included in our Party was the Chief of Defence Force, Sir Richard Webb and Lady Webb. For whatever reason Sir Richard didn't bring his ADC with him and they were forever trying to poach me to run errands for them. Pretty hard for a relatively junior Captain to say 'on your bike Noddy' to a Lieutenant General. Anyway, to cut a long story short I had only just got the Minister and Mrs Faulkner and the Webbs settled into their rooms at the Dusit Thani Hotel when Lady Webb rang my room in early stage panic to say that their red suitcase with her shoes and formal dress along with the General's 'Blues' hat was missing and that it was my fault and I was to sort it out. I thought I had checked all the suitcases off the plane and into the hotel where they were delivered to their rooms by Bell Hop and politely asked if she was sure it was missing. You have to be skeptical, you have to be. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS. Five bucks. Probably doesn't sound like a lot of money to many people these days. In a retail world it doesn't buy you much—a few ink pens, a package of granola bars, maybe a pair of socks. I try not to flinch too hard when I find something at a sale that's five bucks, but I've gotten so used to the bargains we find that to shell out a fiver means I really want something. Some years are more exciting than others, but stuffing a bag is always a thrill. From the church we made our way to an estate sale about a block from my house, at the home of a retired judge who apparently was quite a guy. I case you did not know it, Mr. David Brooks, The New York Times' chief Conservative political thinker and America's most tedious moralizing machine, is a very delicate soul. .