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24''W X 48''L Trapezoid Activity Table W/1.25'' Thick High Pressure ..

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You need to to see the specifications & options that come with 24''W X 48''L Trapezoid Activity Table W/1.25'' Thick High Pressure ...

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It's a safe place where David would go when he had fears and worries. It is time for a Cheery Lynn Blog Hop! You should have found your way here from Lisa's beautiful blog. If at anytime you find yourself lost, just use the link above to start back at the blog. We are featuring the new IOE folders and plates. So fun and versatile. Here is my card using the Curls and Swirls Embossing folder. It was paired with the IOE rectangle plates to isolate the design. photo by Sarah Nathan A few days ago a pair of filmmakers came to the farm. Their names were Luke and Sarah, from NYC and NJ. They set up their cameras and microphones and took a lot of footage of everything from morning chores to running along on a hunt with Aya Cash to learn about falconry. It was a kind of vacation for me. My job was to host, farm, and hunt, and while I had a great time - the little things that keep this business running were set aside. Catching up on a lot of work this weekend. Embed from Getty Images. It has a few bunnies with eggs but it also has this cute little chick. You may have noticed that my challenge card today has the same patterned paper. I guess I thought the leftover pieces were too pretty to toss and left them in a box of unfinished cards.

The colors and fun floral pattern were perfect for my spring cards today.

I brushed some clear Wink of Stella onto the eggs for some sparkle and the chick's arms & eggs were popped up! I also have a sketch for this card on my blog if you'd like to try this one. pic. Forty-four years ago today, Bruce Springsteen released Greetings From Asbury Park, N. J. but that is far from the most interesting part of this interview. This guy has cast himself, and claims all purveyors of news do so also, as the sole deciders of what's racist, homophobic, et al. He claims the right to call you a homophobe if you think marriage is between a man and a woman. If you think abortion is the killing of an innocent baby, you are against women's rights. I carved out a little time this morning to do something I haven't done in a while: play along with a couple of challenges. I added a little bit of stitching to the patterned paper strips. I look at potential, and as much as I like to make fun of the environmentalcases, there are benefits to not putting crap in the air that don't require coercion to "sell. " And think how cool it would be if Tesla's energy transmitters could prove both doable and safe. In the interim, the big drawback on electric cars for me has always been the downtime needed to charge them before you can be on your way, making long trips unfeasible. I don't understand why no one has proposed an easily ejectable and insertable battery that could be swapped out at self-service stations, and you're on your way in less time than it takes to fill a tank.

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Beta OK. Hello everyone, Cheryl here with this beautiful shabby chic card I created for Really Reasonable Ribbon using the beautiful Taffeta Ribbon, Sweetheart Blossom flowers, and Pearls from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store! I had so much fun creating this, and love how it turned out. Hope you enjoy my post for today! The ribbon I used is the blue topaz taffeta ribbon from December's Ribbon Club Assortment. I'm not sure if photos do this one justice. It can be found here in the Really Reasonable Ribbon store. The window was cut with a cream card stock and then I added some branches to the bottom and different colored Sweetheart Blossoms The design paper is from Bazzill. WSOMN OlFart: I certainly do not want to crush anyones expectations but I do not believe any action regarding the hoped for currency transactions can or will occur prior to the confirmation of a new Secretary of TreasuryScotchie: Olfart, makes no difference what happens in the U. S. The button may not be here, but it seems that this whole thing is based on agreements between at least several countries and the proper people need to be in place. Hopefully Mnuchin will be confirmed this week. OlFart: taxmom. Thanks, there is the issue of TRN involed alsoScotchie: IMF/World Bank/UN…. My contact at Exonnmobile says it's still the deal. Delegate everything!!!Even if you delegate everything, there will still be sooooo much to keep you busy "doing". That would presume you have any significance to me, definitely not the case. I was even able to ad-block that annoying cat you insist on adding to your post. Hello Everyone, In between getting everything ready for the show this weekend, I've been trying to spend some time in my sewing room making my addictive, Dresden blocks. .